I loop endlessly through researching, planning, and reconsidering. There is an
inherent multiplicity embedded within my familiarity with three languages, and it
drives me to seek identification, analysis, and communication. 
Quite literally, everything is data in the same way that everything is understood to
be matter, or have mass. In the most basic sense, every object has not only a name, 
but also a set of characteristics and history which can each be described and
understood in multiple ways. When this way of thinking became heavy I wrote

I could not assign the poems value outright because they too had become data. I
turned my words into rectangles and found portions of these masses to function as
tie-ups for weaving. I wrote paragraphs seeking out each poem’s emotional roots. 
Sending my poems through Google Translate, I recorded them in English, Hungarian, 
and Spanish to hear what a programmed voice revealed. To find where my own
voice needed emphasis, I recorded the analytical paragraphs. 

I plan to pull my weaving and writing through one another to discover what is
hidden. When I weave, yarn and structures gain autonomy suggesting what to write. 
Where my research gained footing from books, the work grows and physical results
begin carrying my writing farther. Filtering my data through these different systems
taught me about the inherent nature of what the data means. The more I grasp through
systematic translation the more I question. This way, my cycle of investigation and
discovery is perfectly endless