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January 24th and 25th, 2019

Overshot patterns hold an integral position in textile history, especially here in the US. We will be working with 4 harness drafts, alternating thick and thin wefts to build up a repeated pattern. Y’all should know that this one is a doozy, but also makes you feel like you have super powers when you start pulling it off. Come make a gorgeous wall hanging or table runner!

Be advised:
This workshop involves more advanced use of treddling, requires a steady beat and alternating wefts, therefore is only open to participants who have already attended an introductory weaving workshop!

TIME: 5:30pm-9:30pm

Note: Eat before you weave. Bring a clean snack if you get peckish as class happens during dinner time.
Nervous? Convince a friend to sign up with you!

1-3 participants

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**All weavers must attend an intro workshop before signing up for this course!

Made possible by the Awesome Foundation Newburgh, NY